State-Sponsored Investor Visa

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Australia State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa

The State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa is a permanent residence visa. You will be able to travel in and out of Australia for five years.It is for people who are sponsored by a state or territory authority and have held a designated investment in Australia for four years.

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Program Name State-Sponsored Investor Visa
Avg. Processing Time 12-18 months
What is granted upon (a) approval of the initial application and (b) any subsequent extension(s) of the initial Visa (a) 4 year Conditional Resident Visa,(b) Permanent Resident Visa after 4 years if conditions met
What is achieved upon maturity of the Investment period Permanent Resident Card, if all conditions met
Investment Amount AUD 750,000
Equivalent Investment Amount
Investment Period 4 years
Investment Risk? None Government Bonds
Financing options? Not permitted
Minimum Net Worth Requirement AUD 1,125,000
Business Experience Required Yes
Investment Return provided to Applicant? Yes

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